World Agricultural Systems Center

Hans Eisenmann-Forum for Agricultural Sciences

Meeting global challenges with innovative agricultural research

Global food security - Health - Ecological security - Energy security - Climate change

These are challenges that society faces over the next few decades.

Agricultural science as a systems science combines the broad range of methods of scientific basic research with the issues of agricultural practice in order to develop solutions for the major challenges.

Plants and animals, soil and water, ecology and economy - the research ranges from the molecular and cellular level to practical field experiments.

Responsibilities of the Hans Eisenmann-Forum

The  World Agricultural Systems Center on the campus in Weihenstephan

  • connects all agricultural science-oriented chairs and institutions of the TUM,
  • supports cooperation with other agronomic institutions at the site,
  • acts as a broker for professional expertise, e.g. in contact with the media,
  • provides a platform for communication and dialogue with the various fields of agriculture and agronomy,
  • supports the transfer of knowledge through lectures and symposia for scientists, students, practitioners, experts and interested citizens
  • and is the visible contact for agricultural science inside and outside the TUM.

One goal is to further develop the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary character of agricultural sciences at the Weihenstephan site.