Smart Rural Areas Data Infrastructure (SRADI)

An interdisciplinary cooperation and data platform "Smart Rural Area Data Infrastructure" (SRADI) is being established to provide comprehensive access to research data. A central component of this research data infrastructure will be a central catalogue service. The HEF Catalogue is an information repository on resources provided by the HEF (HEF members and office), administrative units of the TUM, researchers and third party providers. The term "resource" covers various sources of information, including both organizations and data sets. Data sets include information on projects, reports, raw data (various formats), devices, sensors, sensor services, tools and applications. This information is mainly research-related information or information provided for research purposes. The catalogue provides for the storage of metadata and some, but not all, records, the publication of the information, the retrieval and search of the registered information, and information retrieval and user access management as core functionalities.

Multi-disciplinary research around SRADI with opportunities for students

Beyond the technical development of the SRADI-infrastructure, HEF team is also investigating ways to enhance the usability and acceptability of these IT-solutions into the users (mainly researchers) everyday working practice. Building upon user surveys in the past, we’re working today for instance with economy related HEF-members (e.g. the Chair of Economics of Horticulture and Landscaping (Prof. Vera Bitsch)) in the framework of student thesis and projects. If you’re interested in studying state-of-the art research data infrastructures from both technical or economic perspectives feel free to contact us (david.gackstetter[at]

Publications and contributions

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